Charlene O'Connor

Our Director

Charlene O'Connor, our director since 2012, has been a member of Sweet Adelines International for over 40 years.  Charlene has been a member and front-line choreographer of two international medalist choruses earning medals in the top three spots at international contests.  She is a past regional quartet champion for Region 13 where she held the title of team leader and director for Ovation, the past regional quartet champion chorus.  During her first four months as our interim director Charlene won the Novice Director Award during Region 13’s competition in 2012. She is an active Region 13 faculty member and a popular sought-after coach for choruses and quartets in Sound, Expression and Visual Communication.  Her exceptional leadership, people skills, coaching, and passion for the craft inspired VNW to medal the last four years (2016-2019).

With all her experience, knowledge and expertise, Charlene continuously comes to our rehearsals prepared to guide us through our musical journey with positive ideas, thoughts and direction.  Charlene’s passion for barbershop harmony is demonstrated in all she does and shares - her love of the Sweet Adeline’s organization is contagious! Because of Charlene's passion and love of this organization, she was given the honor as the recipient of Region 13's Heart of the Northwest Award in 2020.

We are so happy and proud to call her “ours.”