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Our mission is to provide education, direction, and leadership in all facets of musical excellence to help each member realize her full potential as a singer and performer.




A Fast and Fun Way To Sing….A Cappella Harmony….in one night!!

If you never thought you could learn to sing a cappella; discover the secret in just one night,

with Voices Northwest Chorus.

  Come along and join this fun group and sing the amazing a cappella harmony vocals – in one night!

  No experience required and reading music is not necessary!


Welcome to Voices Northwest Chorus!




We are an a cappella chorus of fun, talented women committed to personal growth and camaraderie!  The women of Voices Northwest would love to introduce YOU to the marvelous hobby and art form that is four-part harmony barbershop style singing! 


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Our chorus provides a musical escape from the stress and problems of everyday life.  It's also a place to socialize and meet interesting people while sharing the common bond of music.  If you love to sing, Voices Northwest Chorus invites you to attend a rehearsal on Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. in Everett, Washington! 







Food Bank Donation 2013














At our annual retreat 2013





"Voices Northwest is the Bee's Knees"